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    •  Accident Investigation
    •  Accident Reconstruction
    •  Government Acquisition
    •  Specification Compliance
    •  Cockpit Resource Management
    •  Piloting
    •  Human Factors in Aviation
    •  Cockpit Ergonomics
    •  Cockpit Design
    •  Advanced Avionics
    •  Man Machine Interface
    •  Flight Testing Protocol
    •  Flying Qualities
    •  Flying Performance
    •  Military Operations
    •  FAR Compliance

To those who have fought for it,
freedom has a taste
the protected can never know.

Naval Aviator - Colonel Bill Lawrence, USMC Retired
Naval Aviator

Associate Fellow
Society of Experimental Test Pilots

Colonel William S Lawrence, U.S. Marine Corps, (Retired)

Multi-War Experienced Combat and Experimental Test Pilot
Extensive Education and Experience in Aviation
Experienced Aviation and Pilot Expert

Extensive Aviation Experience


  • Associate Fellow, Society of Experimental Test Pilots
  • Graduate, U. S. Naval Test Pilot School
  • 49 years of flight experience: 5000 hours in 120 types and models
  • Ten years active flight test in helicopter and fixed wing, with extensive experience in:
    • Light, Medium & Heavy utility, transport & attack helicopters
    • Light and Medium single & twin-engine piston and turboprop aircraft
    • Design and conceptual development of advanced cockpit integrated systems design
    • Flight simulator development and evaluation
  • Broad exposure to design, development, and evaluation of existing and emerging propulsion systems, flight controls, navigation and ordnance systems, simulator and anti-submarine warfare systems
  • Highly trained and experienced in aerodynamics, mechanics, associated structure and systems design considerations, industry and government program management, specification compliance, and training
  • Former Adjunct Professor, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Broad-Based, In-depth Qualifications in Fixed, Rotary Wing, Experimental Aviation


  • Tasked with command and control of all Marine, Navy, & Coast Guard rotorcraft testing
  • Senior fixed wing and helicopter test pilot in U. S. Marine Corps
  • Program manager for XV-15 and MV-22A Tilt Rotor flight test programs, including first flights
  • Project flights involving over 150 projects in 60 types of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft
  • Extensive knowledge of government acquisition process
  • Fixed and rotary wing combat experience in both Vietnam and Desert Storm
  • Published in numerous technical and safety magazines, newspapers, & government reports

Pilot and Aviation Expert (180 cases in 24 years) Qualified in Federal Court

  • Government acquisition/specification/contract procedures
  • Military/civilian accident investigation techniques and procedures
  • Military/civil aircraft operations and procedures
  • Cockpit resource management/human factors/pilot techniques and emergency procedures
  • Documentation search and evaluation of military/civil aircraft
  • Video/still frame accident documentation/accident reconstruction


  • Bachelor of Arts   Mathematics
  • Master of Science   Information and Computer Science
  • Graduate, U. S. Naval Test Pilot School
  • Graduate, Defense Systems Management College
  • Graduate, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Aviation Safety Management Program
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