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    •  Accident Reconstruction
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    •  Cockpit Resource Management
    •  Piloting
    •  Human Factors in Aviation
    •  Cockpit Ergonomics
    •  Cockpit Design
    •  Advanced Avionics
    •  Man Machine Interface
    •  Flight Testing Protocol
    •  Flying Qualities
    •  Flying Performance
    •  Military Operations
    •  FAR Compliance

About ConsulAir, Inc Aviation / Industry Representation

ConsulAir was incorporated in 1994. For several years, business relationships were cultivated between overseas customers and the American industry. ConsulAir consultants worked in Europe, the Far East, and throughout the United States. ConsulAir furnished consulting expertise for both foreign and American aviation contractors as design engineers and industry spokesmen.

The focus of ConsulAir has shifted over the past years. Early in its history, one of ConsulAir's principal officers, Colonel William S. Lawrence, USMC (Retired), was approached to consult as an aviation expert for litigation. Since that time, he has been involved in over 150 aviation mishaps, both helicopter and fixed wing, conducting investigations of both military and civilian aircraft. He has also consulted as a design engineer on various projects, as an adjunct professor in aviation sciences, and, in a parallel path, spent 12 years in part-time law enforcement.

Colonel Lawrence is now the sole remaining principle officer. He is a recognized expert in the role of the pilot in aircraft operations. He is also an expert in the aerodynamics and mechanics of flight, in aircraft operations and the role of government in aircraft safety and regulations. He has testified numerous times concerning the relationship between the government and the civilian aircraft industry. He also functions as an expert in aircraft safety, the role of safety in aircraft operations, and the anatomy of aircraft accidents.

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