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    •  Accident Investigation
    •  Accident Reconstruction
    •  Government Acquisition
    •  Specification Compliance
    •  Cockpit Resource Management
    •  Piloting
    •  Human Factors in Aviation
    •  Cockpit Ergonomics
    •  Cockpit Design
    •  Advanced Avionics
    •  Man Machine Interface
    •  Flight Testing Protocol
    •  Flying Qualities
    •  Flying Performance
    •  Military Operations
    •  FAR Compliance

Rate & Fees Schedule


Work Hourly Rate


This hourly rate includes all work accomplished on a case, to include document review and/or preparation, any visits to offices, accident sites, or other sites, and other work that may be performed relative to a particular action.

Deposition and Trial Hourly Rate


Work accomplished during actual deposition and trial testimony is billed at this rate, with a 5-hour minimum charge.

Travel Hourly Rate


This hourly rate includes all travel relative to a particular case during which no work is accomplished. If work is accomplished during actual travel, the hours will be billed at the work hourly rate.

Daily Minimum


This daily minimum is a 5-hour minimum and applies to each full day spent away from Fort Worth, Texas at attorney’s request. Travel-only days are billed for actual hours of travel incurred portal to portal, subject to this minimum.



Unless otherwise arranged, I arrange for and pay all expenses, which are billed at the end of the month. Travel within the 48 contiguous states is coach; international travel is business-class. Mileage is reimbursed at the standard government rate. Any extraordinary expenses will be approved in advance.



There is no charge for consultation until an agreement is reached. At that time, I request a non-refundable initial retainer. This retainer will be used against actual billings, to be refreshed when necessary. At case end, any portion remaining of the refreshed retainer will be returned.



Statements are mailed at the end of each month. A 25 day grace period is given for payment without incurred interest. If payment is not received within this 25 day period, interest is compounded at the rate of 1.5% per month.

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